Nothing Really Mattress from 130 Baxter Street

Nothing Really Mattress from 130 Baxter Street

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Check out this nice typography. I have to say, I like how this artist made their mark- lingering at every joint in the letter so it looks more bubbly and whimsical. It’s a solid and vibrant green that really stands out over the plain white surface. Makes you stop and think.

mattress draws crowd of two

It seems that there’s some subterfuge beneath the surface though. In marker, we can see written the following:

These mattress [sic] came out of -> 130 BAXTER ST GARBAGE. They were seen and on camera being taken out at around 10:10 P.M. Monday.

We’re left to wonder who’s watching these cameras, and what the ultimate fate of the artist was- did they get caught, or are they still on the lam? Do they feel guilty about their crime- is it keeping them up at night? But, when it all comes down to it, I guess it doesn’t really mattress.

Artist: Unknown
Date: May 5, 2011
Source: kls8240