People Fell In Love On Me.

People Fell In Love On Me.

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This is a bummer. It makes me think about all the love and human connection that’s been facilitated by my bed, knowing that if we hadn’t been laying on my mattress, maybe it would’ve never happened. Relationships have been formed and fractured on mattresses. Love has blossomed. There have been warm, beautiful nights filled with cuddling and kissing and holding each other tight. But now, for this mattress, the nights are only going to be cold and unforgiving.

Australia Mattress Art Love Quote

People probably had a lot of sex on you, too, mattress. But that too is part of falling in love. This mattress was found in Marrickville, the inner west side of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. I wonder if this love is still alive today.

Artist: Unknown
Date: Oct 13, 2011
Source: Yewenyi